Colonel's Videos

Urbana Irene Senior Living – Bangalore Launch

The Truth on the new ₹ 2000/- contradicting Sardar Ravinder Singh' view by Colonel A Sridharan

CovaiCare - Speaks about "How the real estate sector affected by demonetization of 500RS & 1000Rs?"

Col (Veteran) A Sridharan, VSM - "Social Entrepreneur"

Covai Post interview with Colonel A Sridharan, VSM

Navarathri 2018 @ S3 - 3rd Day - Staff Talent Show Part 3

Concept of Covai's PolyCare

Lead a fruitful Retired Life

Colonel A Sridharan, VSM, CovaiCare

Colonel A Sridharan, VSM - A Revolutionist in Senior Living

Colonel A Sridharan, VSM - 70th Birthday Celebration

Unmukt talk by Colonel Achal Sridharan, VSM on Senior Living - Anytime is the right time.




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