Why Covai?

Retirement Community:

At Covai, we believe that life is too wonderful to be spent worrying.

We promote the concept of active life among-st our residents. Inclusivity is a hall mark of whatever we do. As a pioneer in the concept of senior living, we have been bench-marked by the industry as a thought leader. Thinking beyond normal, we have redefined expectations. At Covai your expectations become entitlements.

We recognize and are sensitive to the changes in people’s perceptions and expectations of a senior living community. Adapting to changes, we have transitioned from standalone retirement communities to building communities that are part of a larger community. Bridging demographic  divides. We use our insights to provide holistic solutions to needs. We think. Ahead of others. Ahead of time.

With increase in life expectancy, we believe that our residents will be spending over a third of their life after the age of 60. That’s why at Covai, we believe that Care precedes services. Each is important at different stages of life. Our solutions adapt to Indian culture and conditions. With over 60 persons above age of 85 years in our earliest community, we have practical insights in the changes that have impacted them. Physically and financially. We use these  inputs to design care. Experientially. Hence our solutions are practical .

Investments into Covai retirement community as a real estate investment has reaped very rich dividends to the residents. The value appreciation is higher than the market curve – and that defines why brand CovaiCare is a sought after destination for elder care.

Care Aspect in Covai:

We handle disabled and the challenged with care. To us  disability does not mean the end of life. It means that life has to be enjoyed actively, but differently. One of our key differentiators is that we have brought in an inclusivity into the retirement communities we build to address the needs of these people.

We are one of the first players to recognize services and care of the elders and, have brought in medical care, assisted living, day care and palliative care to address the ageing related needs of our residents. Our special offering to elders with children with disabilities (PWD) is unique and “out of the box” solution. We give comfort to such residents in addressing Life after one’s life.

At Covai, we share your joy.  But more importantly we go shoulder to shoulder on your sorrow. At every stage of your life. And after.

The DNA of brand Covai is well imbibed into each of our team members. Collectively we deliver with care and compassion.

We use simple but robust technology to deliver better services and care. We are first to embrace technology that can bring a big difference to even simple things we do. And this adds value to our services.

When you come to Covai, you are assured of wellness and Care. The peace of mind you are looking for you or your loved ones. You come to Covai… By Choice.