Ageless Concept Of Retirement Community By CovaiCare

Ageless Retirement Community

Live together and enjoy the benefits of quality services and care by Covaicare
in an atmosphere akin to a joint family

Life with style for the Young

Worry of younger generation – Stress, burnout and early retirement. Worry of elder generation – Boredom, cost of care and no retirement!

No need for cooking

Get. Set. Go... Delicious lunch
boxes for your family

Freedom from housekeeping

If Kamala does not turn up,
Vimala will come!

Goodbye to Obesity

Children can take part
in organized games and sports
and remain physically fit.


Homework classes

Oraganised homework classes
by the residents

Safety and security

Safety and security for children
until parents return from work


Facilities including sports, club house, swimming pool, Multi-Cuisine restaurant etc

Lifestyle for Seniors (60+)

Worry of elder generation – Boredom, cost of care and no retirement!

No need for cooking

Get homely food.
No Cooking!

Care by CovaiCare

Care like Assisted, Memory, Palliative, PWD(Subject to availabilty of space) and Preventive Care

Joint Family

Live in an atmosphere of
Joint Family with individual freedom


Homework classes

Be wanted in the community with time usefully
spent with younger generation through activities
like taking homework classes for children etc.

Smart Solutions

CovaiCare app and CovaiMed (A preventive health App)


Lead an active life with sports, Club house, swimming pool etc.

Facts About Indian Demography

Enough reasons for
Ageless retirement communities

Team Covaicare understands the changing demography and the needs of the younger generations also. Lifestyle changes with time. We create concepts that caters to the change.

Our meticulous journey from Comfort and Retirement Homes to CovaiCare and now to Ageless Communities, has given us the peerless expertise to provide solution for all ages.

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