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CovaiCare is committed to serving and caring for the seniors with passion and compassion in CovaiCare Retirement Communities. In pursuit of the simple yet strong vision of CovaiCare, “Solve Ageing”, CovaiCare solved the imperative question of the elderly parents of PsWD (Autism, Down’s Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy), “who after us?” CovaiCare, a socially responsible organisation right from the inception, came up with the world’s FIRST unique concept of Inclusive Living Model whereby the PsWD can live with their parents in selected CovaiCare Retirement Communities and on demise of the parents Covai Care Trust (Reg no. 74/2018) takes care of them under the governance model. Thus Covai Care Trust was born. We have got 80G exemption, donations are welcome.

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Covai Care Trust was formed with a vision of providing long term support to Persons with Intellectual disability (PsWD), during their lifetime. This vision extrapolates into providing:

Physical support – providing residential accommodation in the residential communities that is owned and managed by Covai Properties India Pvt Ltd.

Emotional Support – Including the PsWD along with their parents to live within the boundaries of the community so that the persons with Intellectual disabilities are bonded into the community and live comfortably after the demise of their parents / guardians.

Financial support – supporting PsWD, who are living within the residential communities adopted by Covai Care Trust, for any medical treatment or otherwise until their condition becomes stable.


Care has been taken in selecting the trustees and making sure that the majority of the trustees are the parents of PsWD.

Mr V Balasubramaniam, (Bala) PWD parent – Trustee

Bala has over 40 years of industry experience. This includes over 12 years of experience in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and other international markets in the areas of International Trade, Finance, Taxation, and Process improvement and documentation. He has successfully developed and managed companies with people in multicultural environments, with varying degrees of qualifications and competencies, functioning across countries in Asia.

Mr Sriram Narayan, PWD parent – Trustee

Sriram is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a parent of an autistic son. He has worked in the Information Technology (IT) industry for about 18 years and prior to that in the Finance sector for 10 years. He is a member of the Autism society of India and has worked for Awareness and advocacy issues relating to Autism for the past 21 years. He is the Managing trustee for The Amaze Charitable Trust, a trust established with a vision to empower parents and person’s affected with Autism and related communication disorders to navigate the autism maze. He also conducts workshops and webinars on estate management solutions for Special needs families. He was a consultant for the creation of the Master Document for Parents of PWD for the Inclusive Living project @Covaicare.


Mr Kannan Hariharan, PWD parent – Trustee

BA English from Madras Christian College Associate degree in Personnel Management Advanced HRM at the Michigan University – Ross Business School Chief Strategist – Culture & Belongingness, Avtar Group Executive/Life Coach - Marshall Goldsmith & Hogan Certified. Board Member – Srishti Special Academy (NGO for PwD), Bangalore Committee Member – Down’s Syndrome Federation of India Kannan was the Senior Director HR with PepsiCo International for over 21 years including 8 years in Vietnam & APAC and prior to that for 12 years in manufacturing, service and Indian MNC. He is the recipient of the PepsiCo Harvey C Russell - Diversity and Inclusion Award in 2004 and 2014. Chairman’s Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2006 and Chairman's Award for business performance in Vietnam in 2014.Kannan is a parent of Karishma, a Self-Advocate, Artist, Model and a young adult born with Down’s Syndrome. Karishma’s artwork sale and auction has funded several initiatives in Vietnam and India. The family has been active in supporting social causes especially for Down’s Syndrome.

Mrs K Jaya Poorani, Vice President HR/Legal, Covai Care – Trustee

A Management Professional, one of the earliest to associate with CovaiCare and specialized in Legal and Human Resources aspects of the business operations. She had exposure in working with Hong Kong and Swiss based MNCs. Having grown with the organization for more than a decade, she has expertise in Senior Living and the concepts evolved by CovaiCare.


Colonel Achal Sridharan, Founder & MD, CovaiCare - Managing Trustee of Covai Care Trust

Colonel Achal Sridharan, VSM is the Founder and Managing Director of CovaiCare. Served the country for 30 years in uniform and now serving the senior citizens in CovaiCare Retirement Communities with passion and compassion for the past 18 years providing them utmost care and superlative services. After over three years of research, with Team CovaiCare he came up with the worlds’s FIRST Inclusive Model Concept for PsWD (Persons with Disabilities) solving the imperative question, “Who after me?” of the elderly parent(s) having PWD children.


Towards achieving the objectives of Covai Care Trust, it has carried out the following activities since its inception – over the last 2 years

  1. Adopted the care of a 45-year-old lady having Autism, who has lost both her parents and is currently residing in the Assisted Care Centre of Covai S3 Retirement Communities, Coimbatore

  2. Created and established an activity hub in Covai Chinmayam Retirement Community. This activity hub has been functioning well as a therapy, vocational and recreation center for about 19 PsWD who have shifted/are in the process of shifting into the community with their parents / guardians

  3. Built the hostel Block to accommodate 12 PsWD with a Warden (nearing completion). Another 8 rooms will be constructed in the Assisted Care Centre of Covai Chinmayam Retirement Community, Coimbatore

  4. Parents of 10 PsWD will be accommodated at Covai Ultra Retirement Community at Kannampalayam (near Sulur), Coimbatore. Already one PWD with parents has moved into this retirement community

  5. Conducted vaccination camps for Person’s with Intellectual disability as part of the vaccination drive for all senior citizens in the residential communities.

  6. Commenced the digitization and binding activities as a vocation for the PWD at Covai Ultra Retirement Community.

The PsWD were kept engaged in activities in the Activity Centres. They are multitalented and each one has a phenomenal creative side to them.

Their activities include digitisations of records, Dining register data entry work paper-bag making, baking cakes, making candles, greeting cards, painting Diyas (lamps) etc.

It is the quality time that that the PsWD spend through the activities that they choose based on their likes and competence.

For more photos and videos of their activities click on the link below:


Covai Chinmayam Retirement Community has created a Facebook page for PsWD children

Daily Activities


During the current COVID -19 pandemic, vaccination became crucial especially for PsWD due to their low immunity. CovaiCare arranged for vaccination for the PsWD at the respective Retirement Communities so that the children are not taken outside to a hospital and exposed to any infection at these hospitals.


MEDIA – both printed and social

1. Last 5 years of Facebook posts regarding PWD children at CovaiCare Retirement Communities including our MD’s presentation on PWD Care:

Facebook Page

2. An article by Mrs Akhila Vaidyanathan, Founder of Amaze Trust was published on The Hindu Newspaper Dated 8/4/2021” How parents of children with special needs (PWD) can cope with the lockdown” here:

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3. An article published on The Newzhook Dated 23/01/2020 CovaiCare offers disabled people (PWD) independent living with support systems here:

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The man with this extraordinary foresight of PsWD Care at CovaiCare Retirement Communities is Colonel Achal Sridharan, Founder & Managing Director of CovaiCare


Facebook Page

You can check out the Facebook posts since 2015 to see the Autism Awareness by CovaiCare


Every year during Autism Awareness week from April 2 the MD makes sure that all his staff across South India support Autism by wearing blue dress and also the offices is lit in blue colour along with blue balloons.


PWD children recently participated in the nationwide LIVE Art Activity by The Art Sanctuary, supported by National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi), Ministry of Culture hosted at Amaze Trust, Coimbatore on 3 July 2022. This live performance from 18 centres across India will be screened at NGMA.

CovaiCare has reserved 10% of the dwellings for PsWD in the newer projects for senior living and care.

Happy to inform that Covai Care Trust has got 80G exemption. Donations are welcome!


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