Special Needs Daughter (SND) Concept By CovaiCare

Great news for Parents with Special Needs Daughter (SND)

CovaiCare had evolved the concept of taking care of Special Needs children (PsWD concept) for the first time in the world after achieving the proof of concept in Coimbatore.

CovaiCare is proud to announce the concept of Special Needs Daughter (SND)

This model would take care of Special Needs Daughters (SNDs) in a protected environment but with inclusive living as part of the senior living community of CovaiCare.

CovaiCare, the pioneer in Senior Living and Care with over two decades of experience and expertise, has now joined hands with Shriram Properties Limited to launch the first ever senior living community named Golden Cove for Special Needs Daughters (SND) in an integrated 36 acre township known as Shriram Shankari at Chennai.

The Care of the SND as a concept was evolved with active participation by the members of PASAND group of parents with special needs daughters in Chennai.

In Golden Cove we have reserved 1st, 2nd and the 3rd floor with 8 x 2 BHK apartments per floor for SNDs with access control, CCTV camera in the corridors and protection from any intruders through the staircase.

2 x 2 BHK apartments in the 2nd floor would be used as Activity Centre and residence for the warden and caregivers. Thus, there would be 22 families with SNDs in these exclusive and well protected apartments.

There are no age restrictions for parents of SNDs and, this would enable working parents to continue in their jobs since the location of the Golden Cove has excellent road, rail and Air connectivity.

The parents of SNDs will be able to enjoy life as part of this vibrant gated community of Shriram Shankari.

At Golden Cove you get affordable, senior and wheel chair-friendly apartments with quality services and care by Team CovaiCare.

For more details visit: The Golden Cove by Shriram Properties Limited Managed by CovaiCare

Floor plans for all the 3 reserved floors in Tower 10 of Golden Cove

The ground floor of Tower 10 will have the common kitchen and lounge facilities for all the 234 families of Golden Cove.

Hurry! Only a few SND apartments are available.

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