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Care is the heart of CovaiCare

    The journey of Covai to CovaiCare has made us evolve new concepts, adapting to changes and technology. We believe “Care” as a component of “Living” is very essential in the context of longevity.

Team CovaiCare believes in care of elders under any circumstances:

  • with systems and processes with well laid down procedures that ensures wellness and good health
  • well-equipped medical centres with 24X7 Nurse, routine visit by consulting doctor and telemedicine facilities
  • Integrated technology for care of elders through CovaiMed software
  • Manage, Maintain and Monitor (3Ms) of medical records of residents
  • safely preserving medical records digitally as well as in individual medical files with the residents
  • organising timely lab tests and consulting with specialist doctors in hospitals/clinics
  • monitoring medicine intake and ensure timely replenishment
  • emergency evacuation to hospitals with in-house ambulance and staff
  • tie-up (MOU) with all major hospitals for concessional charges with liaison with hospital PROs
  • hospital admission/discharge including settling of bills through medical insurance by a trained Health Executive
  • reporting health status of those who are unwell to the family and arranging for video or mobile calls
  • special care for single residents
  • welcome new resident owners or tenants with physical disabilities and care for them without any conditions
  • arrangement in medical centre for over-night stay of patients who need monitoring and treatment for minor ailments
  • we also provide home care with trained and supervised caregivers in CovaiCare Retirement communities


Preventive care works on the principle that prevention is better than cure.

  • Preventive care for the residents at CovaiCare Retirement communities consists of healthcare services that include periodic checking of BP, Blood sugar, SPo2 and patient counselling by the Resident Health Manager (nurse) and the visiting Doctor determines what tests or screening are appropriate for a person based on many factors such as age, gender, overall health status, personal health history (family health history) and current symptoms to prevent any health issues.
  • We use our own software CovaiMed which facilitates preventive care to manage, monitor and maintain (3Ms) the health records of our residents.



  • Assisted Living Services at CovaiCare Retirement communities is available for seniors who need either short term or long term Assisted Care.

  • Professional care and attention is given to Senior Citizens in the Assisted Care Centre. Caregivers and nursing facilities are available 24/7 at an affordable cost. Those who need, get physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

  • Assisted Living is convenient for the residents as they will be inside the familiar community and get the same catering service they are used to.

  • Assisted Care facility is available in Coimbatore (Covai Chinmayam & Covai Ultra), Bengaluru (Urbana Irene by Covai), Mysuru (Covai @ Tapovan Solace) and Puducherry (Covai Pelican) as well as in all future projects where you get affordable care by compassionate staff.



  • Palliative care is part of the care we provide at CovaiCare Retirement Communities.

  • Palliative Care is also the “End of Life” care when medicines have no effect on the patients. It is a specialized medical care to alleviate pain and improve the quality of life of patients with life-threatening medical conditions. It focuses on symptoms and not on the cause or cure of the ailment. It is also referred as comfort care or symptom management and it involves psychological, emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

  • The primary care giver’s perspective is very important in palliative care and the family needs counselling as the emotional strain, besides financial drain will have an impact on their health.



  • Memory care is a special care that is to be provided to those with varying degrees of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. It involves creating a structured environment with set schedules and routines that will help reduce stress to the primary caregiver, provide a safe environment with the patient and ensure that the health of the patient is not allowed to deteriorate, by developing programs to cultivate or improve cognitive skills. This specialized care spans a spectrum of services depending upon the severity of symptoms exhibited by an individual. Memory Care requires more care and of a different nature than what is given as Assisted Care.

  • Caregivers at CovaiCare care for such patients with lot of passion and compassion. We have Dementia Care facility in Coimbatore project currently.



  • Care for Special Needs Children

  • FIRST and only Inclusive Model in the World by CovaiCare for Special Needs Children in a retirement community

  • One very important segment in senior living is the care for Special Needs children with disabilities, after the demise of parents/guardians’. The need of the hour is to create an enabling and empowering environment that would provide lifelong care and inclusive residential support. This requires a good understanding of the situation and providing the right care for both the seniors and their children.

  • People with physical and developmental disabilities could suffer from autism, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, visual challenges and multiple disorders that impede them from managing or taking care of themselves in a social environment. For them Assisted Living Services at CovaiCare retirement communities are imperative.

  • This Inclusive Model concept is now validated in CovaiCare retirement communities in Coimbatore and Mysuru.


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