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Professional care and attention is given to
Senior Citizens through Assisted Care Centre.

CovaiCare Assisted Care Centre

Seniors may need
either short term or long term Assisted Care.

Caregivers and nursing facilities (24/7)

Affordable care by compassionate staff

Regular Doctor visit

Visit the hospital when required

Telemedicine consultation (2CT) with Doctor

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Assisted Living Services at CovaiCare

Assistance is Imperative

Professional care and attention is given to Senior Citizens in the Assisted Care Centre. Care in ACC is given by professional healthcare staff including nurses and caregivers at an affordable cost. Those who need, get physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

ACC is available in Coimbatore (Covai Chinmayam & Covai Ultra), Bangalore (Urbana Irene by Covai), Mysore (Covai @ Tapovan Solace) and Puducherry (Covai Pelican) as well as in all future projects.

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