Team CovaiCare and I  launched our first experimental project  in senior living and care about 20 years ago in Coimbatore. In these 20 years, I have also grown younger to 75 years of age from 55 years. I was fortunate to understand this segment.  I realise that while age is a number, ageing can be … Read more

When it is okay to let go…

Blog by Mudita Chaturvedi Tirkar Mudita Tirkar is 39 years old and is an Associate Director, Marketing & Communications at and is based at Bengaluru. A senior communications professional with over 16 years of industry experience with leading corporate houses and global conglomerates spanning a range of sectors, she has well-rounded experience across all … Read more

Woes of working women

It’s 7 AM. Every member in the house feel the tremor and shattering of vessels. Wait a minute, it is not a Tornado or a hurricane but the woman of that house is trying to complete ten different things before she leaves for office including packing lunches for her family. On the contrary, the man … Read more

Gravitating towards Intergenerational Living (by Colonel Achal Sridharan, VSM Founder & MD CovaiCare )

Realty & Reality: We need Roti, Kapada and Makan. But along with real estate (realty) or Makan, we also need services that we look forward to. Real Estate projects be it independent houses, apartments, villaments or combination of all and termed as “Gated Community,” with swanky club houses, swimming pools, gymnasiums, walkways, children’s park, elders’ … Read more