Extinction of Homo Sapiens

There are no real human on planet Earth. Does this sound absurd? Well, it may be, but this is a fact. Let’s go into the basics and find out what differentiates a human from other life forms? Did you say “humaneness”?  You are spot on! It literally means “sympathetic concern for the well-being of others” … Read more

Who is Disabled?

For want of a better word, we are currently using PWD (Person With Disabilities) for Special Needs Children in government circulars and legal documents. Using my brain’s magnifying glass, I tried my level best to find out what is the disability in them.  Instead, I found that these children are exceptionally talented and have astonishing … Read more

Dharamshala, Pay Parade and Me

One of the venues for the World Cup Cricket 2023 Tournament is Dharamshala.  On 22 Oct 2023, India beat New Zealand in Dharamshala. The administrative Headquarters of Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala took me down my memory lane.  In Dec 1969, after completing the Young Officers’ Course in the School of Artillery Deolali, I … Read more

Happiness Day 😊

We all know that that Happiness is a state of mind but what if we had a magic wand by which we can spread happiness to all. Sounds great! This magic wand was with Shri Bhasker, one of the residents of Covai S3 Retirement Community, Coimbatore. For every opportunity he got, he made sure he … Read more

Empowering Seniors: Unleashing the Potential of Alexa as a Companion for Wellness and Beyond

IntroductionFor the past two decades, CovaiCare has been committed to prioritising the wellness and health of the seniors we serve. Through our comprehensive programs and services, we strive to promote physical, mental, and spiritual harmony among our residents. To achieve this, we practice a range of wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, sound healing, and … Read more