The Big Gender Divide

Hello friends, I am Krishnan from the Covai Vani podcast team and in this podcast I am going to be inconversation with Revathi Bhasker and Malati Jaikumar, my colleagues and friends from thesame team. Hi Revathi and Malati, As always, lovely doing a podcast with you, how are you both today? Revathi Hi from Revathi! … Read more

Life Changes

Namaskaar. Vanakkam. We, Revathi Bhaskar, Radhika Sridharan and Krishnan felt it would be nice if we wentback in time and took a helicopter view of life and flew till we reached our current age. Remember this is just a glimpse, a few observations and some tips. We have done this in first person plural pronouns … Read more

Freedom comes from within

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, nolock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of mymind.”― Virginia Woolf As we Indians celebrate our 75th Independence Day,Newspapers, TV channels, thinkers and philosophers,teachers and taught, politicians and we the people, will salutethe nation, the Armed Forces and the Freedom … Read more

Exuberance is the essence of life

I recently watched videos of two Commencement (Graduation) ceremonies attwo different universities in California. After more than two years of thepandemic that kept the whole world in a vice-like grip, this was the first timethat a graduation was not virtual but in person. Thousands of students who had endured the hardships and the consequencesof the … Read more

One App Many Possibilities Handle with Care

Hi there, I am Krishnan on behalf of Covai Vani, Coimbatore  This is about the most common app in our lives. The short story of WhatsApp and how it changed our life. Today everybody is on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Hike and many other social networking websites and mobile applications. Social media has provided … Read more