Namaskar! Greetings from a 70 years young Revathi Bhasker from Coimbatore, cancer survivor, recently widowed by COVID 19.  There’s this wrong notion that old age is a disease and elders are usually grumpy, lonely, depressed and unhappy. However we need to look at the rainbow of joy and happiness that age brings, even if there … Read more


Hello Everyone, Let me begin by saying that being a senior citizen is not easy, as aging is not only about physical changes to your body, but also about the mental changes that are involved as you age. I am here to share my experiences about one common but important aspect of growing old. Before … Read more

Let us praise femininity – Tamil Poem by Mr Sankaran, Covai S3 RC

பெண்மையைப் போற்றிடுவோம் !                        சர்வதேச மகளிர் தினமாமின்று                        பெண்மையின் பெருமையை நினைவுகூர்வோம்                        சக்தியின் அவதாரம் பெண்மையென்று                        சாத்திரங்கள் காலம்தொட்டுக் கூறினாலும்             … Read more