Intergenerational Services and Care by CovaiCare ( By Bhuvana Iyer)

Being a proud Gen X, I have enjoyed the overwhelming attention and affection from both the grandparents, seven uncles and two aunts on my mother’s side and three uncles and  two aunts from my father’s side. Of course, a dozen of my cousins and second cousins add to this long list too. The amount of pampering from all of them was unimaginable and it is still fresh in my memory.  It is a great feeling to be the beneficiary of such love, concern and kindness  and when needed, a bit of advice or scolding!  As a joint family, we lived in a big house, the entrance of which would start on one street and end on the parallel second street!. It could accommodate numerous unannounced guests.  Food was always served hot with smile on the face and warmth from our hearts.

Nowadays, with nuclear families and children going far away  from their homes for greener pastures, parents experience the “empty nest syndrome.” Gone are the days of care, concern and even, conversation. “Those were the days” that we miss now.

Team CovaiCare with their strong vision of “Solve Ageing” put on their innovative caps and asked, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we live in ONE big community, enjoy our freedom and independence and yet get personal space with optional services and not having to worry about who will cook today and who will clean the house?” Thus was born the “Intergenerational Services and Care by CovaiCare(IGSC)

What is IGSC?
Real estate includes land, property, dwelling, fortune or wealth, asset which can be in a housing estate or colony and include commercial, industrial properties. In other words our homes that we live have an area, are architecturally designed with comforts and facilities that we desire and have an asset value.  In simple terms it is “independent villa or apartments of 1, 2 or 3 BHKs or Pent Houses etc. Depending upon the amenities that one gets to enjoy be it a swimming pool or a swanky club house,  one would pay to acquire this asset.

With changing times and the life that we lead  today, do we expect some value-added services when we are buying a property and not just swimming pools and gyms, which remain mostly unused?

With IGSC, whether you are in your 30s or 60s, you can live in a secure gated community and also have the choice of enjoying the seamless services and benevolent care provided by CovaiCare. You can pick and choose your service ranging from housekeeping,  homely, medical services, concierge  as well as care. You pay for basic bouquet of services and not for all services on offer.

You may ask, “in a normal real estate we already get many amenities and facilities, and so what’s the big deal about IGSC?” Well, firstly, IGSC provides you what you need as a family from dawn to dusk with a choice of bouquet of services. Secondly, you can count on IGSC as it comes with 27 years of experience in real estate of which nearly 20 years  of expertise has been in services and care.

Researchers have proved beyond doubt that social integration, social engagement, community living etc influences the cognitive ability , both in children and the elderly. It has resulted in enhanced well-being, as well as reduced levels of stress, loneliness and isolation for all age groups. Also the Happiness Quotient increases exponentially.

At the end of the day, every one of us (y)earn to be happy and peaceful, right? If it is served on a platter to you as IGSC by CovaiCare, would it not be hard to resist J

IGSC is Kaizen, which is a Japanese term meaning change for the better or continuous improvement.  If change is the constant factor in life, innovation is the key. Team CovaiCare cares for everyone’s wellness and happiness!

The evolution of Real Estate to Senior Living to IGSC is a much needed  revolution!

Come and experience it through IGBC by CovaiCare

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