From the Picturesque New Zealand to Caring Covai

Picturesque place in the world:

New Zealand is the most beautiful and picturesque place in the whole wide world.  I can say this for sure, as I lived there for more than a decade after travelling to most parts of the world.  Luscious green meadows with milky white sheep grazing (actually there are more sheep than people!!!! 6:1 is the ratio) varieties of cheese, pure cow’s milk (just like the one I tasted in my grandma’s house as a kid), Whittaker’s divine chocolates, friendly Kiwis (New Zealanders are fondly called as).  With not many people buzzing around and well maintained natural reserves, every place is literally like a picture post card. No wonder their tourism slogan is “100% Pure New Zealand”.

What was I missing?

Well, in spite of all the above blissful things, I was missing something there, like every other person living outside the country (Though many will not say it aloud!).

This year when I came to visit my parents for a 3 week holiday, life threw another unexpected challenge at me. My father who is 85 had to undergo an emergency heart surgery. I had to extend my leave for a few months and my boss was kind enough to approve a sabbatical for a year. This gave me a lot of time to live, cherish and soak in the warmth and kindness of the people in Covai. Oh man, they are explicitly very caring.

Ah! Now I know!!! Finally I got the answer as to what I was missing….yes the “Care”. All said and done the “Care” from your own people is stronger undoubtedly. Not only did I realise this, but also realised one more thing, that more than me, our Senior citizens in their ‘silver years’ (courtesy: Colonel) really need that “Care” in abundance.

My parents live in a retirement home. I found that my aged parents and other elders around me need that “Care” all the time. This thought made a deep impression in my memory cells.

I got up to the chirping birds on one beautiful, April morning and made that big decision of staying back in India and looking for a job here. So that I can take “Care” of my parents and my senior neighbours who wants to adopt me actually. They don’t need anything big but just a smile that says “I care” and occasional soothing chats.


The timing can’t be more perfect when the “Care” in the air brought with it the most wonderful news of a caring “Covai” Company whose name is CovaiCare. Our very close family friend, introduced me to Colonel Sridharan, a great human being, philanthropist, true citizen, with incredible sense of humour and whose “Care” for the society is second to none. Interestingly, I have been wanting to meet this person as I kept hearing his name from the time we landed in Covai. Didn’t want to sound clichéd, but small world eh!

Covai’s Day Care Centre:

Do you know that, Senior citizens and children are the same in terms of seeking attention from the dear and near ones?

Imagine, we could actually give them that personal attention they need. Yes, “we can, because we care”, Colonel said. That is when his brainchild was born, the “Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens”. It sounds great isn’t it?

Come and visit us to experience your second home

  • Library, reading room, beds, dining arrangements, pick and drop from homes, entertainment, lectures on useful subjects etc.
  • Play indoor games including Chess, Carrom, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders and Table Tennis
  • Relish hot cuppa or coffee (Iyer’s kaapi from Goa!)
  • Access to Senior Care Products of ‘SeniorAide’
  • A meeting place for senior citizens for quality social interaction through ‘CovaiCare Sangamam’
  • Celebrate birthdays!

So, why get bored at home watching TV serials, when you can have great fun at Covai’s Day Care Centre!

The Day Care Centre is supported by Covai’s PolyCare, which is another brainchild of Colonel. It is spread over 8,000 Sq ft in CovaiCare Tower, where you get personalised, professional and affordable health care from experienced, dedicated GPs and Specialist Doctors, both Allopathy and Alternative Medicine like Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Acupuncture. It provides effective and efficient monitoring system so that the patients get quality healthcare with medical history maintained at one place for any future use.

It will also provide ambulance and escort services for senior citizens, where required and asked for.

Covai’s PolyCare from the stables of Covai Property Centre (I) P Ltd and, part of brand CovaiCare will be with you soon!

Thank you from the CovaiCare family.

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