Trusting The Unprovable

Trusting The Unprovable


K S Shivaraman (Advisor – Management)

When proof is possible, faith becomes impossible.

If God wants us to be believers, why did he not prove himself to us? The same is true in human relationship. When someone has faith and belief in you before you earned his trust, you are honoured. When he trusts you even though you did not display your credentials, faith is born.

Quote from Hebrews “Without faith it is impossible to please God”.

This happened in my life. I did not know the person who believed me when I started working there. I was unknown and had no reputation. He believed me before I could prove myself. To this day I preserve that trust, and have deep respect and gratitude to that special person, who trusted me. I have seen his strong faith in action, faith in his vision, in his team to think big and faith through the thick and thin over a period of time.

Trust is the toughest thing to earn and preserve and the most fragile one which can crack at just a tap, never to be same again.

God knows what he was doing when he established the belief system. When you strip away all the mystery and leave the truth bare, something attractive is lost. There will always be unknown. There will always be unprovable. But faith confronts them with courage. Then life becomes an adventure. It is that faith in people that moves mountains and helps achieve unachievable. We, in the organization, are experiencing it. It is faith of the leader in his team that makes impossible possible.


You don’t have to be a puppet manipulated by outside forces.  You can become the powerful forces yourself. Don’t make your thoughts your prison. The obstacles you face are mental barriers which can be broken by adapting a more positive approach.

Don’t pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. This is where you will win the battle on the play house of your mind. You are bigger than anything that can happen to you.

Courage is resistance to mastery of and absence of fear.  It’s the energy drawn from the source. That source is the “leadership” in action in our organization, saying that you are more powerful than your problems, to eliminate, insulate or isolate the negativities.

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