Woes of working women

It’s 7 AM. Every member in the house feel the tremor and shattering of vessels. Wait a minute, it is not a Tornado or a hurricane but the woman of that house is trying to complete ten different things before she leaves for office including packing lunches for her family. On the contrary, the man of the house is like the eye of the storm, very calm, composed and reading the newspaper with the cup of coffee made by his wife!

For working women it is always a double whammy as they have to work two shifts in a day, one official and one at home. She has to wear different hats for different situation arising at home and office. The most difficult of these would be the unannounced absenteeism of the housekeeping staff. The working women reading this blog will be nodding their heads for sure.

The one that causes the next stress is the humongous homework that the children bring home every day. After working more than 8 hours at office and the manic commute in the evening, the last thing you want is to go over the pile of school books.

The working women multitasking list is too long to cover in this short blog.

Thanks to the recent pandemic, her misery manifested itself in multi-folds in the form of WFH creating more havoc in her work and personal life. Attending online meetings and calls while taking care of her family and their never ending demands are not easy to balance. It’s a constant struggle to do justice to both roles which eventually causes exhaustion physically and mentally.

A poll by the Thomson Reuters Foundation finds that work-life balance leads the list of critical concerns for women in the leading economies of the developed world.

Have you ever got up from the bed and thought, how I wish I had Aladdin’s Magic Lamp which can bring a genie to whizz through the house and finish all my work today?!

Keep dreaming! “All our dreams can come true….” that was Walt Disney’s strong belief and he made it happen.

The dream-come-true genie is coming to your neighbourhood soon!

Namma Jini from CovaiCare!

By Bhuvana Iyer, CovaiCare

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