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Confident is way to success

Hi everybody

I am Ashika here I like to share my experience of developing into a more confident girl. During the pandemic lockdown we started a group" NEW YOU "for spending the time usefully and keeping the families together . The focus was mental health of every member of the family. We had many mentors to begin with but Raji aunty took full charge to set new activities both fun task oriented for us. The task activities like cleaning, cooking, washing and serving . Family worked together and there was a strong bonding in the family. Indoor Games gave a chance to have fun with our parents who were very busy.

This experience made me more comfortable to communicate my thoughts with my parents. In our NEW YOU group. One thing I liked very much, is they gave task equally for girls and boys. Boys also did cooking and cleaning.

I experienced how difficult it is to run a home with both mother and father working . They were supporting each other do their jobs . This was a new experience and I saw my father do much more household work especially when my mom was down with Covid.

Serving the community, or giving back to community was also a factor of empowerment and I saw how much my father was respected in the Pachapalayam village and my mother in the S3 community I learned from these activities that we have to be aware of our surroundings and be ready to reach out. This is an education which we get more at home than in the school. It was an experiential learning for me to understand my responsibilities in our home.

The change was needed as earlier I gave excuses of home work and exam and never helped much . Today I do all of the above and help at home and I am very active in the New You activities. My growth, using the power in me through the New You opportunity has been wonderful. Preparing my first speech on Gratitude was very difficult Raji mam wrote back "You can do better think outside the box."

I had no experience before this. I struggled and finally like working on a puzzle I put together from many drafts my final speech. Then, Raji aunty helped me a lot. She made me understand how it is important to read extra before writing a speech. It was very hard but I am happy. Raji aunty made me realise that I can do it. Next step was voice and pauses I have forgotten the number of rehearsals but at the end I managed. I had to listen to my voice many times.

I really liked my voice. I realised my capacity and the positivity in me. She still tells me relax your voice. Today all the mixed emotions have gone and I am happy, The claps encouraged me. The blessings I got from all the mentors and seniors gave me more confidence. I realise I am more confident not only to speak but to make mistakes and get them corrected, slowly I am realising that I am not using my full capacity . I have decided to work harder and use my time better. I am very grateful to my parents for supporting me each day in my progress.

Thank you


Good evening everyone, I hope you all are doing good and having a wonderful day I would like to wish my teachers a Happy Teachers day.
Life in the physical school is becoming distant memories of all of us.
we can't go to school due to this lockdown and miss our school friends and teachers.
But still we have the opportunity to take classes online because of the teachers and school efforts.
My favourite teacher is my LKG Madam. She is fondly called as Cherry mam. Teachers teach us value and good things .
All my teachers teaches us in a way that we all can understand and have fun.
A Teacher is a person who guide us they support us they inspire us they teach us and today is the day to Thank them and say
Happy Teachers day! Thank you


THE TREASURE IN YOU! Pleasant evening to all the young powerful women of New You.

On this wonderful quiet night I would like to take you through my journey as a growing young woman. The beginning, was when I started questioning "what is life".

What is my purpose and what am I doing? A thousand such questions. I am still searching for the answers Situation keep changing and I am forced to change to live along the changes that is coming my way. So I have decided not to think of questions but to live each day in the best way.

My Gurus, teachers and mentors guided me to " Believe in myself."

Understand my strengths and weaknesses. Gradually they exposed me to the world outside my school and College. I was still not confident I think I was also very shy.

Then, My all time favorite

"New You" family came my way under Raji aunty's guidance. It opened up a huge treasure box of opportunities . My success stories in many field started as dancing participant, to an MC, to panelist, to editor to author, translator, creative artist . here were many many wonderful life turning points By the Grace of God and all the Blessings my life has changed and I can experience a New Me.

Now I can feel the "powerful" girl inside me who longed for these opportunity in the past days. Gone are the days when there was shy girl and Today I feel confident and can make better choices. Coming September,I am waiting very eagerly to explore and assess my skills as a coach.



Let us not quote history, Create history

In the millennium year of 2020 , we talking about Women Empowerment in highlighting all her achievements

Today's women work shoulder to shoulder with their men counterparts in the Central Government like Ms.Nirmala Seetharam or Lieutenant General Punita Arora in the Indian Army and Navy, or Dr. Souwmya Swaminathan, head of WHO.

Women from rural India have also forged ahead. They are village Panchayat heads and many young girls from the villages have carved a name in international sports ,we see many entrepreneurs,as micro financing program is going strong

My friends in New You. My conviction is let us not quote history or talk about inequality, which is not relevant today not even think about it

We have to be focused on moving forward . Many successful women almost in all fields have proved that All power is within us.

Modern India has opened many many avenues for today’s women. Let us not waste time in self pity and excuses. Let us conquer the digital world also.

Opportunity knocks once, just grab it and give it your best. My opinion is in thinking and counting what is not there we lose precious time and we lose an opportunity. New You friends let us be different. Singapenne…..

...Empowerment has to be defined as a force,an energy that will make things happen for self and others. There is no room for a "Lazy Sunday"

Behind every successful woman there is a man . This clearly shows that there is a deeper understanding in the relationship and they are supporting each other.

You will all be in agreement with me, when I say, four years ago , we started to pave a small path for each one of us towards success. It was a turning point in many of our lives. We made a choice to work with Raji aunty, in her Summer Magic program and later in the New You program Today I feel fortunate to participate in this empowerment webinar, to highlight the women of today. Let us put our best forward in our next project Learn Earn Return and educate the younger generation with the same philosophy 'All power is within you.'

Thank you.


All power is within us

Empowerment means how one uses their Power and becomes capable of deciding for themselves about their life.

In the past women did not get opportunities to show or prove their power and were treated like slaves without salary.

As women got out of the homes and saw the developing world they gradually began to break the chains that bound them.

In 2020 even in our villages today I see,

educated women working in offices, entrepreneur doing their business, is wonderful to see petrol pumps run by ladies, all women police stations, I also see women conscious of good health and going for brisk walks.

Indian women from rural and urban India have put their foot prints in many areas where it was earlier only for men. From home to the Space women have proved the " All Power is within us "

Life is about balance today. We see the influence of education and being practical. Men have also become " house husband "

This is a very positive influence for the children as they learn about relationships from their parents.

I'm Aishwaraya amd I'm proud to be a woman. Like my mother I am willing to support and give a hand to lift my partner in his career or realising his dreams.

I have highlighted the success stories of women, the truth is that women still have may challenges as the, attitude to women has not changed in the minds of many many men. We as a group of young women should not lose our hope. We will create a good time starting now.

All power is within us., In addition God gives us His hand just hold the hand tightly and grow up don't worry what others talk.

You and I are fortunate to hold the hand of Raji aunty and develop little by little My grandmother taught me "Eat out your teachers hand but never bite it ". Mentors and teachers are like scaffolding of a building once the building is ready it is removed. Similarly one day when we are ready our mentor will also move away from us.

We will walk on the path we have created confident, independent, self-sufficient and happy. Finally I would like to say that Empowerment is about a good balance of using different energies to benefit each other.

If we say we are Empowered ,we must use our intelligence and must learn to live in collaboration with men.


Good evening everyone, today I am going to speak about women Empowerment. Most of the women in the world have inspired a lot of people but the 4 people who inspired me is Priyanka Chopra for her Bold and determined decision. Mother Theresa for helping the homeless kids and taking care of them. Indira Gandhi for her help to the country and the strongest member in the assembly. But one of the most important person who has influenced me is my Dear mother who takes care of everything in our home and us. She is one of the cancer survivors too who is the bravest and sweetest person I have seen. She has made the new decision for the new home like the colour the rules we should follow to have a bright future. This day is a very important day for the women’s in the world so be yourself and have a wonderful day

Thank you.

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