Care for Special Children

Only Inclusive Model in the World for Special Needs Persons planned
for in Coimbatore, Puducherry & soon in Bangalore.

What after us?

There are so
many questions
and worries but no answers.

Who will take care of my loved one?

How is his or her interests protected?

What will be the cost of care?

How do we protect his future in scenario of deteriorating health or health emergencies?

How to ensure my special needs child is not abused after my life?

What about their medical care as they age?

Assisted Living Services for PsWD at CovaiCare

Assistance is Imperative

One very important segment in senior living is the care for Special children with disabilities, after the demise of parents/guardians’. The need of the hour is to create an enabling and empowering environment that would provide lifelong care and inclusive residential support. This requires a good understanding of the situation and providing the right care for both the seniors and their wards.

People with physical and developmental disabilities could suffer from autism, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, visual challenges and multiple disorders that impede them from managing or taking care of themselves in a social environment. For them assistance is imperative.

Master Document for Parents

Master Document
for Persons with Disabilities

After 4 years of research and understanding,CovaiCare has prepared a Master Document for PsWD (MDP) that addresses critical aspects on how this model works.

It is a model that integrates the child, the parent and other key stakeholders as well the residents of the retirement community in providing a long term solution that addresses the question “What after Us?”.

The governance model is based on Trusts. Covai Care trust - registered public trust at the apex level, at the community level there is a private trust and for the PWD there is a Beneficiary trust setup by the parents/guardian. The relationship between the trust is given in the MDP.

The residents of the retirement community get actively involved with the PsWD.Such an inclusive model is not available anywhere in the world.This concept is now validated in Covai Care retirement communities in Coimbatore.

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