CovaiSmart App

Date: 25 June 2018 COVAISMARTRetirement Community Management Software Senior Citizens prefer to spend their autumn years in a comfortable environment, cherishing their nostalgic memories, without worries about the daily chores, health, safety and other routine matters. Retirement Communities serve to meet such expectations. Such objectives of a retirement community can be well supported by technology … Read more

The Unforgettable Number 6602

Date: 4 April 2018 6602. The first number in my life that I was honoured with, when I joined 34 National Defence Academy Course in July 1965. The first one, be it a number or anything that one experiences, remains unforgettable. 6602 remains relevant to me even today – more than IC 23482M, my army … Read more

I want to Marry

Date: 3 October 2017 Arranged Marriage: I am a senior citizen, nearing 70 years. During my time, marriages were mostly arranged. Love marriages were frowned upon. Horoscopes were matched, after matching, photographs were exchanged and if approved by the boy’s family (seldom the girl’ views were taken), the boy met the girl in her house … Read more

Yoga Simple Stretches

Date: 31 May 2017 Stretching becomes an important part of daily routine for Senior Citizens. There are some simply stretching’s in Yoga as shown below. Doing this for 45 mins in the morning will help Senior Citizens, please try Warm up: Stretch arms straight forward & lift up Stretch arms sideways & forward (a) Hand … Read more