We are what we are at CovaiCare

Date: 27 March 2019 Vanakkam! Greetings from CovaiCare! Eldercare is more than brick and mortar.  Brand CovaiCare defines happiness, wellness and the spirit of togetherness bundled with a perfect blend of care and compassion. As pioneers with over 15 years of expertise in the field of endeavour, we have evolved the concept of active life … Read more

Why I am not Happy?

Date: 08 November2018 Is life so boring that in our pursuit of things material, have we lost focus in enjoying what life has to offer? It is true that we are in a rat race in a mad world, where we relate everything to money earned, spent and saved. Happiness is a state of mind. … Read more

Humorous Interludes with Elders

Date: 17 September 2018 My 14 years of experience in evolving the concept of active life and providing services as well as care to seniors, has made me face a number of hilarious situations! By sharing some of these interludes, I mean no disrespect to anyone. The names have been intentionally changed! If you recognize the name, … Read more