Extinction of Homo Sapiens

There are no real human on planet Earth. Does this sound absurd? Well, it may be, but this is a fact. Let’s go into the basics and find out what differentiates a human from other life forms?

Did you say “humaneness”?  You are spot on! It literally meanssympathetic concern for the well-being of others” There are about 38 words which describe humaneness. To me, the important ones are compassion and consideration for others.

Being kind is not only to our fellow human beings, but also to all living things. One of my spiritually elevated friends goes one step further to say that we have to be kind to even non-living things like chairs, tables and doors! My grandma used to warn me to walk softly on the floors so that Mother Earth does not feel the pain and get hurt. Since I belong to the era of “obeying elders”, without questioning her, I obeyed and continue to follow it diligently even today.

I also grew up watching Jain Sadhus and Sadhvis walking with a tuft of woollen threads at the end of a wooden stick and sweep the road before they walked on it. They wore a cloth mask to cover their mouth. I was told this is not to kill the microorganisms accidentally while they are breathing. They avoided eating root vegetables because tiny organisms are injured when the plant is pulled out and also disrupt the tubers or bulb’s ability to sprout. We have also read in newspapers as to how environmentalists hug trees to protect them from ruthless felling.

I can hear you say, “let’s be practical?”.

We don’t have to make sacred offering of food, clothing, or any other material things to prove our humaneness. Being kind to all life forms is very much being human. The current trend is “random acts of kindness,” flashing all over social and print media, throwing spotlight on some people who show remarkable benevolence. Indeed, it is a very good sign and this world needs more of such acts of kindness.

My friend asked me, “how would my small act of kindness make a big difference?” “Kindness is more infectious than a virus,” I told her. “There is nothing small or big when it comes to good deeds.”

We can help others in many ways. You can change someone’s day by just smiling without even uttering a word. Trust me the smile will come back to you before the end of the day. That’s the beauty of spreading goodness.  To share, respect, listen, love, care, being merciful, being empathetic, providing positive encouragement and being gentle are unique to Homo sapiens. As humans we always ask this question, “what is in it for me?” Researchers have proved beyond doubt that being kind, doing charitable work, forgiveness, graciousness, secretes feel-good hormones that are beneficial to our heart and overall good health. Both the giver and receiver experience the benefits of righteousness.

While I understand that in this fast digital world, no one has the time to think of others, let’s try not to harm others by acts, words or even thoughts. Let’s not make “human” beings become extinct.

“If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose being kind,” says Dr Wayne Dyer.

Blog by Ms Bhuvana Iyer, CovaiCare

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