Being Resourceful

Being Resourceful by K S Shivaraman (Advisor – Management)

Some people have the idea that they make progress in a company by just fitting into the position. Some others make the best of their abilities and tools on hand for the job. They also think as to what they would or should do in the event of any unseen occurrence in the execution of the task. They will also devote time now for producing workable solutions to future problems that may arise.

Entrepreneurs are resourceful:

Invariably, entrepreneurs are resourceful. They have the right to expect the same quality from the employees in their respective jobs. Being resourceful involves doing something. Those who fail to act on a problem and carry the inner conflict forward from day to day give less and not full value to the organisation. Obstacles bring out the best in resourceful people.

Resignation to different state of affairs is not the way adopted by the resourceful persons. They have a pliant brain to accommodate it to new needs. In abnormal conditions, a resourceful person may have to change the elements somewhat, he may have to change himself somewhat, but by one means or the other, will stay on the top of the situation.

Change is Permanent:

Nothing is ever static, be it good or bad. Change is the only thing that is permanent.  One needs to be resourceful in altering the plan to meet the new circumstances. When reason and judgment tell us to give up the adopted course of action, and start afresh, it would be stupid to persist with the failed adopted course. The successful person is one who readily adapts to the changing circumstances. The resourceful person calls upon all his resources, experience and knowledge in the achievement of the objective. By so doing the resourceful person gains confidence not only in himself but also with his superiors

No amount of thinking can imagine or grasp any circumstance. So it is necessary to expect the unexpected. An ordinary person may know how to handle ordinary problems and difficulties, but if a situation arises which has an oddity and which he had not foreseen, such an emergency is a sudden crisis demanding immediate action. It may be a situation needing fast action. If he is quick to perceive what has to be done half the battle is won.

Knowledge is Power:

When you analyze a problem, break it down, look for the reasons for the problem, crystallize your views logically and get into it to see its real nature. Get involved. Start at a known point or an angle, which should form the basis for finding the solution to the problem. Recognize, state and solve. These are the necessities in clearing up any problem. Clarifying a problem or by putting them into words is a step towards finding an answer. Do not forget to consider alternatives, a practice that increases your chance of finding a solution.

Resourcefulness is not a quality that is plucked out from the air, but is based on knowledge. Knowledge is a stored material in your mind. Resourcefulness is your readiness to use it.

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