CovaiCare Happenings – Jan 2019

Newsletter – Jan 2019


It gives me immense pleasure to bring out the first edition of CovaiCare happenings. While my second innings after my stint with the Army commenced in 1995, the journey of Covai began in 2001 and now, it has become CovaiCare. This journey has been one of great joy and satisfaction. This could be possible only because of work by CovaiCare Team, the support of our clients, the advice and blessings of the elders whom we are fortunate to serve and care. This journey has seen ups and downs. Each of the milestones we achieved is a testimony to the commitment and hard work of Team CovaiCare.

With our decision to concentrate only on senior living & care, we have a lot more to achieve especially in the context of longevity and technological advancement. It is our belief that those who think of the future will be able to provide solutions for the present. In this endeavour, we seek your support so that we can succeed in our mission.

We also solicit contributions from our readers which could be articles, photographs or anything that you would like to share so that we can make CovaiCare Happenings really vibrant.

Happy New Year!

Yours in Care,

Colonel Achal Sridharan, VSM

Founder & Managing Director

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