Debates on Indian National Television

Debates on Indian National Televsion

An article by Ms.Gita Ravi – A Resident of Covai S3 Senior Care Centre

I am not a fan of most debates on National Television but since my husband is, I am forced to listen to the senseless and nonsensical debates that take place most of the time.

Lately, the debate that occupied most time is the release of Vijay’s movie and certain dialogues in it. The movie gained so much of publicity because of these useless debates not worth a penny. The dialogues mouthed by the artist have been spoken by various artists from time immemorial. What is so objectionable about the dialogues I fail to understand?

Instead of debating for hours on a silly movie won’t it have made more sense if the sensible thoughts passed on in that movie be debated like why not give away free medicines instead of free TV, mixer, bicycle and what not? Why all these monies can’t be used to give free medical treatment to the deserving. That was also a dialogue in the movie.  No, they rather spent hours debating why one particular point was mouthed. In the end what happened?

People thronged the cinema halls to find out what was so unobjectionable that the movie is running to packed houses. Most Indians are always curious to know the happenings in their neighbours houses and are happy when others could read their thoughts and bring it out in the open thus doing their dirty jobs for them because that must be exactly what they wanted to say but could not find the courage. What a funny place we live in. We know everything but chose not to know anything. When you question them the answer will be “for survival”. They say nothing is going to change even if they speak.  I never believe this statement. People can bring out a sea of change if they stand united for the right reason and if that idea would benefit maximum people. Why do we have to survive like this? What good does education do when after donkey’s years whether to stand or not during national anthem is still being debated? Shame! When a law is made why this useless debate to appease a few. Personally I feel national anthem need not be played in cinema houses where people come in any attire for pure entertainment. You cannot insist on a dress code for entertainments. Besides, I have seen old people struggling to get up and sit again in movie houses. Most prefer to wait outside till the national anthem is played. So much for patriotism.

There are hundreds of important things which would make an interesting debate for example:

What is the public opinion on the following?

1) Why after so many years of independence the Indian roads are still not motor-able and why the contractor should not be punished for the after effects. Why can’t the contractor give guarantee for the roads laid?

2) Why rape victims are allowed to go on bail after proven guilty only to go back to his criminal background again. What are the public views on this?

3) Why is it that even after introduction of GST neither the customer nor the government who introduced this cannot explain whatever this really means to the common man? Not a soul knows exactly how much GST to collect on a commodity. Everywhere confusion reigns. GST was introduced giving the impression that it will be applicable uniformly across India. Is this happening? I doubt. Correct me if I am wrong.

4) The ten rupee coin which was introduced has become “untouchable”. Nobody knows the reason. Even banks do not have an answer. People whose lives have been disrupted  by GST, low interest rates,  ever increasing prices have one more thing  to grieve about but I suppose when the water have started flowing above your head, nothing matters anymore. This must be the least of their worries.

5) Why doesn’t India have a uniform civil code and not different laws for each religion? Even the government does not think India is one country and all Indians are brothers and sisters. When this is the case, how can the public are blamed?  Why are we Hindus, Muslims, Christians first and then Indians. After years of independence Indians are everything else but “INDIAN “.

6) Why are we still on a “white skin admiration mode” even years after British left. Most still stare and make foreigners uncomfortable. “Athithi Devo Bhava” is only mouthed but not put into practice.”Adithi stare Bhava” could have been better interpretation.  Can a female walk without fear once it gets dark? I doubt. Here even a sheep in female attire has no escape.

7) Why in India the minority decides on what the majority should do and the government is only to appease the minority. Which other country in the world bows down to this level just for a few votes?

8) Why are artists and their comments so important that it should be debated on National Television? Why in the first place they should be invited for a debate when there are ordinary citizens who can do a better job.

9) Why India which was once a heaven for joint families has now become a country where old age/retirement homes are advertised the most. Where have our joint family system gone and why?

10) What is making today’s youngsters to imitate the west on everything when people abroad look up to India for the virtues which India once stood for. Why aren’t they imitating the good qualities of the west for example how they stick to time.  How long will it take to inform the person waiting that there will be a delay? Even the upper middle class don’t stick to time, I have noticed many a time. This is my personal experience.

11) Why does temples and places of religious interest occupy a centre stage in debates when the surroundings not kept clean is not debated.

12) Why is it so difficult to clear garage on a day to day basis and to impose heavy fines on citizens who differ.

13) Why is it so easy to flaunt traffic rules and get away in this country?

14) Why can’t they make a rule to punish the owners who allow their cattle, buffalo and other animals to roam around the roads hindering traffic and causing accidents? Why these animals can’t be confiscated.

15) Why does the party which comes into power always blame the other party for whatever flaws that has occurred?  Why can’t they copy America whose candidates fight it out separately till the election is won but, having won work together for the betterment of the country?

16) How lowering interest rates for senior citizens who are only dependant on this income   makes the lives of elderly miserable and uncertain.

17) Why can’t stray dogs be eradicated once and for all or animal lovers and activists are given the job when taking care of humans should be the first priority.

18) What is it that makes us to keep quiet and get on with our own life when in front of us so many things go wrong which we chose to ignore?

19) A debate on how people find all the time  to stand and take pictures when a rape occurs,  when foreigners are hit and insulted for choosing to visit India,  when there is a road accident where victims are bleeding.  How did we become such a insensitive society? Why these citizens can’t be punished for ignoring the crime but find time to video shoot them. More than the culprit these people deserve harder punishment.

More than anything every time some wrong is pointed out the answer at least I get to hear is “oh India is such a large country making it very difficult to put rules in place”. With China as a neighbor surely we can’t afford to say that.

These are only few I can think of right now. As I do not want to raise my blood pressure I will stop at this.

Anybody agrees that these things are worth a debate. Or do they think a debate on why Vijay’s mouthed such dialogues and whether to stand up while national anthem is being played is more important?


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