Living in a Retirement Community – Part 2

Living in a Retirement Community – Part 2

An Article by Ms.Gita Ravi – A Resident of Covai S3 Senior Care Centre

The friends we make in this retirement community will stick to us for life in this transiting period of our journey. I feel we are all stationed in this part of the airport waiting our departing destination now. The good or bad part of this waiting period is that all our destination are the same? We see all kinds of transistors in the form of guests and youngsters who take a break to be here to spend time with their parents and when they depart in their never ending quest for making enough money, the stationed transistors become a family again. We share our sorrows, joys with a mixture of occasional jealousy, backbiting and gossiping as a top-up. We all walk together in the same pace till one of our visas get stamped all of a sudden and our calling comes.

We are sending off with so much dignity and remembered by our friends on some special occasions. Yesterday when Colonel read out the names of our missing puzzle board we all thought for a moment with much love of our departed friends. He said they will be stars in the sky looking down on us. That moment I looked up for the special star in my life and could not control my tears, but managed to smile thinking “oh why should I have tears being a transiting passenger myself. Oh God, what a relief this thought gave me.

I have now decided that this is the best place god could have sent me where I know that I will certainly reach my destination even if my flight get delayed due to technical snags. In the meanwhile with Colonel as the Royal head of the family, we are secured and happy here. What more can we ask for in this life.

We will continue to walk happily till each one’s flight touches down and take us to the land of eternity.

Blessed we are and we will continue to count our blessings.


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