Shramdaan at Perur Temple – Summer Magic Camp 2018

Shramdaan at Perur Temple – Summer Magic Camp 2018

–Written by Mrs.Malathi Jaikumar – A resident of Covai S3 Senior Care Centre…

As part of the Summer Magic Camp 2018 we had a Shramdaan at Perur Temple where children from Pachapalayam and Shanthi Ashram went to the Temple accompanied by CovaiCare staff and some residents to clean the premises. Armed with buckets, brooms, cloth etc there was a brisk, thorough and very enjoyable two hour session of giving the ancient temple a “facial”. It was obviously a pleasure judging by the laughter and banter among the children.

Fun at Work:

The residents and staff too worked vigorously; exchanging jokes and views; thinking of what more could be done; lamenting the total lack of civic sense and pride in our own culture and at times standing mutely in awe and admiration of the beautiful sculptures. I do not want to list all the names of the people because there were quite a few of us (some in the photographs and others who are not seen). It was a matter of special pride to us that Edwin was there wielding a very long broom and clearing the cobwebs from the top. 

You can also see that they have been scrubbed clean by loving hands. A senior volunteer from Shanthi Ashram gave us and the children an interesting account of the Ashram’s history.

Ashes of Mahatma Gandhi:

We then had a special darshan from just outside the Garba Graha followed by a trip to a place very close to the Temple to see the three Urns and Kalasams that are said to have a little of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi, Kamaraj and Jai Prakash Narayan. While it was exciting to see a slice of history before us, we were shocked to see the deplorable condition of the place. Set in the middle of nowhere, under a tree and wide open to vandalism stood the three structures painted in national colours. Forlorn and surrounded by a carpet of faded leaves it cries out for some care and attention, in some ways reflecting the condition of our country today. 

Service by Covai S3 Senior Care Centre residents, staff and volunteers

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