Shri Balasubrahmanyam Natarajan is one of our earliest owners of a villa in Soundaryam Comfort and Retirement Homes (now part of the Covai S3 Retirement Community). This article was written by him when we had only Soundaryam, Santhosham, and Shenbhagam retirement communities.

Shri Balasubrahmanyam, popularly addressed by many residents as “Balu Mama” is a prolific writer, philosopher, spiritual Guru, and a gentleman who is passionate about gardening. This article came to his attention during the lockdown consequent to the pandemic caused by COVID – 19. We are adding it to CovaiCare Blog with his permission so that many of us can enjoy his writing and expressions.


We, the residents of Soundaryam, Santhosham and Shenbhagam are an extended family.

We are crops from different fields- professionals in diverse areas like marketing, finance: techies, scientists, doctors and professors, academics, bankers, civil servants, police/army officers and many more.

We do have our foibles, faults and frailties but no feuds within our extended family.

Many of us worked for corporate circuses. We played several roles-lion tamer, mahout, monkey handler and trapeze artist .It was the thrill of the trapeze, the applause of the audience and comradeship of our group that kept us climbing up and up, to dizzy heights in our career without any fall.

Quite naturally, we are a proud lot, indeed a very proud lot.

Today, most of us love to live in the past. Why not? It was our past that made us what we are today. A few of us are aware of the irrelevance of the past: they read of the power of the NOW, wondering as to what they should do to harness that power.

We all came from urban jungles. We thoroughly “enjoyed” the hustle-bustle, ,hazzle-dazzle, the clutter, the noise (which we took as music), the stress and tension- all of which was heavenly bliss for us.

We were busy trying to make money, procreating our progenies. We celebrated weddings, birthdays and other auspicious events. We travelled abroad, saw many exciting places, enjoyed life. We saw our elders getting old and sick. We tended to them with great affection and care. When they passed away we felt sad. Somehow it did not occur to us at that time that one day we too will grow old, may fall ill and need care and attention.

In the evening of our lives, we have come down here, to settle down, to relax, to do the many things that we always wanted to do ( but did not have the time to do), to listen to good music, to enjoy peace of mind, to take care of our health, to enjoy the pleasures and comforts of living in a community of people with similar objectives- as an extended family.

Each one of us has been cast in a different mould: each one of us has his/her own interests. Many enjoy reading, writing, listening to music. Many travel within and outside the country to meet friends and relatives. A few take to hobbies like gardening and photography. A few have taken to exploring religion and philosophy. Some others excel in organising community activities aimed at bringing together people with varied interests to a common cause, to seek and establish a common denominator. Interestingly, there are quite a few single ladies, living all by themselves . Their courage and will power needs appreciation.

Unfortunately, there are a few who visit their villas only occasionally or not at all because they have other interests that keep them outside this community, this beautiful city. Hopefully, one day, they will return to this serene community.

By Shri Balasubrahmanyam Natarajan, Soundaryam 39, Covai S3 Retirement Community

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