Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management

by Ms.Megha & Ms.Dhivya

Customer Relations is customer centric as it suggests. If there are no customers, there are no relationships and if there are no relationships there is no business. That is why customer comes first in the relationship.

When we chose Customer Relationship as our profession, it was just an idea to get into the services industry. But when we started working for the senior citizens it has become a passion and it is more like a family than as a job. We have a family like atmosphere, where care is the focal point.

Handling Seniors:

Initially the thought process was like dealing with Senior citizens would be a hard task, but we realised that they are the people whom we should serve. The amount of satisfaction which we derive when we hear a good response from them is certainly satisfying.

We care for them and do all that we can to make their silver years joyful and comfortable. They in turn love us a lot and the blessings which we get from them are inexplicable giving us lots of positive energy.

We just need to have patience and do our best and understand their problems. We work hard to give them what they need and make them satisfy.

Care at CovaiCare:

Care is the key term of our organisation. When we are speaking to our customers a line of communication about their health means a lot of them and they feel so happy when we keep in touch with them. In other industries the relationship will end with the communication about the product. But here the relationship begins from the enquiry stage and continues even after the project is handed over. This is how we differentiate ourselves from others.

We in CRM have varied experiences with numerable customers – some very understanding, some non-cooperative some others assertive and still some others understanding our efforts to keep them satisfied and we deal with all of them and be part of solution to all the problems, all the way enriching ourselves with the varied human nature at the same time understanding the pivotal role of CRM.

Catch words of Customer Relations Concept:

Commitment, Compassion, Courtesy, Passion, Win-Win Relationship, enhancement of spoken reputation.

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