Do Retirement Communities Enhance Longevity of Life?

Blog date 22 July 2016

Thanks to advancement in medical field and the research in Geriatrics as also awareness to importance of maintaining good health and be health conscious, the life span of human beings has been increasing. Access to good health care and drop in infant mortality rate have also been witnessed. We are seeing people becoming health conscious and many have taken to regular exercise and eat food, which is nutritious. Therefore, the life span of people will continue to rise in the coming years.

Life in a retirement community offers many facilities such as:

  • Senior Citizens get worried when they find it difficult to get routine work done when they are living alone in their homes. The feeling of insecurity including physical security causes anxiety and stress, which can affect their physical and mental health. The stress can lead to problems of the heart or the brain and also affect the mind. Uncertainties with the advancing age also worry the seniors. If they are single or have lost their spouse, the problems become more acute and many of them are prone to depression, anxiety neurosis etc.
  • A retirement community is a community of people who share many common ideals and, come from similar educational and financial background. By virtue of being part of that community, they develop a bond amongst themselves and are able to share their joy and sorrow. Thus the support system, which is provided by the management, gets supplemented by the care and concern for one another. This is a distinct advantage that a retirement community provides.
  • The absence of children who live far away is not an issue to brood about. Seniors talk, laugh and be merry because of the same age group of people in the community and do not constantly think about children or grand children which can also bring in negative thoughts. Everyone in the community is in a similar situation. Thus one does not live in isolation.
  • Community living reduces boredom. One of the biggest worries of seniors in their silver years is not to let time hang on their heads. Retirement communities ensures that you have some one to talk to or get involved in some activity and remain busy
  • Availability of quality services and care takes lot of burden off the mind of the seniors.
  • The hassles of daily chores, getting groceries and vegetables or running around to get things done are not required in a retirement community. With good systems and processes and structured service, one need not worry on daily mundane and routine activities.
  • In the days where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find house keepers, plumbers, carpenters or electricians, retirement communities makes all of them available and more importantly they are trained well and are dependable. The management takes the load off the mind of the seniors for these requirements and thus reduces the stress to the residents.
  • Medical requirements and medical emergencies are taken care of so that the residents need not worry at all.
  • As against staying in an apartment or villa all by themselves and be dependent on neighbors and helpers, in a retirement community, the Group cohesion that exists and active life that the seniors enjoy makes them forget growing old. This is a very big plus point and helps in longevity.

Anxiety, stress, unnecessary worries, tension are route causes for many ailments that senior citizens suffer. The absence of these in a retirement community helps in longevity of life.

Colonel Achal Sridharan, VSM

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