Senior Citizens and their wealth of wisdom

A senior citizen comes with a wealth of wisdom and remarkable experience which they always willingly share. In a given scenario, you take a problem to a senior citizen they would definitely come up with a solution or solutions. They handle things in their own calm way which may not be accepted by the Gen –X, Millennials and Post-Millennials. Be it calculations in Math or steps taken in general life they can beat us in straight sets like Roger Federer in the finals!

While many of the senior citizens may not be tech savvy (many exceptions too!) they have incredible knowledge about life. Actually, in a larger scheme of things, nothing much has changed in terms of life and its unprecedented events. So they win hands down with their extraordinarily resilient nature and sheer will power.

It is indeed amazing to see that they brave any situation in life and fight many odds at the drop of a hat.

As my MD keeps saying, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but we can follow their footsteps. Be rest assured, you would never fall down or should I say they will never let us fall!

It is our duty to give them due respect and care. After all, they did the hard yards and supported us throughout. Their tireless hard work and sleepless nights cannot be overlooked. Let’s not forget that the unconditional love and affection they showed us has groomed us into what we are today.
If you rightly recollect, as a toddler, we have done so many things which they had accepted without whimpering. For e.g. repeating the same thing 20-30 times; asking “why” for everything; spilling food all over, sometimes even spitting on them. They patiently endured all this and more. Bottom line is they “cared” for us. Now, as a senior citizen, there is a slight reversal of roles that has happened, that is all.
Due to age related weaknesses and brain function, a senior citizen is finding it hard to cope with the daily activities as part of their daily routine. But if we show them that we “care”, it gives them immense strength and confidence to do things on their own.
Our role is, giving a senior citizen a lot of reassurance that it is okay to be how they are and making them understand that what they are going through is a natural process of ageing. They are willing to learn provided we have the patience to teach!

Due to work commitments and travel if you are unable to give them time don’t worry with current technology you are virtually available everywhere and anywhere. All it takes is a few “hello”s and “how are you”s. Sometimes they are more worried about you than their well-being. So by saying “hello” they get a relief that you are okay!

It will be interesting if I tell you that in 22 seconds one can speak 5 – 7 sentences (dialogue and not a monologue in case people out there need specifics!) on an average! Time management people can vouch for this

Constant care and encouraging words make a world of difference to their lives. To support seniors there is a range of senior aide available in the market nowadays which helps us and, them for a comfortable stress-free living.

We owe them big time for their selfless care and support.
Our heartfelt thanks and a big salute to all the senior citizens on our Planet.

Let us be the walking stick for them when they need us

by Bhuvana Iyer CovaiCare…. Because we care

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